Brooks Marine Group’s Search Process

BMG has developed a formalized process for how we go about recruiting top talent. We begin by partnering with our clients to fully understand the positions we are tasked to help fill. We then use leading edge tools and resources, combined with old-school headhunting techniques, to attract the best and brightest candidates to open positions.

  1. Conduct Needs Analysis Profile with client – this is a 30-45 minute phone call or in-person meeting to discuss specifics of the position to include duties and responsibilities, why it’s open, qualifications, compensation, and the recruiting strategy.
  2. Write a compelling job description –
    • This will serve as the recruiting script as presentations are made to prospective candidates.
    • Will also be used for internet job board postings.
    • Client will review/ approve with all company decision makers prior to initiation of search.
  3. Research competitors – create company target list. (source companies from which candidates might come; the goal is 20+ companies)
  4. Place opening on internet job boards and social media sites. (,, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)
  5. Search Brooks Marine Group database (PCRecruiter) for candidates.
  6. Recruit – make presentations to prospective candidates. Quick Qualification of interested candidates (this step makes up roughly 70% of the entire search process).
  7. In-depth qualification of interested candidates
    • Does candidate meet the technical qualifications for the position?
    • Accomplishments
    • Strengths/ weaknesses
    • Professional vision
    • Motivaction to make a career change
    • Compensation expectations
    • Relocation needs (if applicable)
    • Personal (family, hobbies & personal interests, etc.)
  8. Narrow to 3-5 of the strongest candidates; compile candidate profile:
    • Biography (1 page snapshot of the candidate)
    • Resume
    • Candidate Data Sheet (CDS)
    • References
  9. Submit candidate profiles to client; expect client feedback in 2-3 business days.
  10. Interview stage – BMG will assist client in scheduling and logistics of candidate interviews.
  11. Possible second interview.
  12. Offer stage.
  13. Offer Acceptance; prep for counteroffer; confirm start date.
  14. Stay in touch regularly with new hire between acceptance date and start date.
  15. Touch base with new hire 1 week, 1 month, and 3 months into new job.